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You are more than capable to lead your business to success,
but that’s not going to happen by accident.
You need a clear vision of the goals you want to achieve, and the whole skillset to get there.



✅ What you sell

✅ Your valuable offer

✅ Ideal solution to your customers’ problems




✅ Channels and tools to communicate your offer

✅ Deep audience knowledge

✅ Sales funnel


✅ Empowering mentality

✅ Ability to keep high productivity and motivation

✅ Successful habits

The reason why so many professionals and entrepreneurs struggle to increase their visibility and grow their business is that they lack Marketing and Mindset Skills.

We have the mission to help entrepreneurs and professionals achieve the success they want in business. We want to support you in developing the right Marketing and Mindset skill set your business needs to increase visibility and conversions.

But bear in mind, this is not going to happen by accident.

We know it because we have been there as well.

When we started our business in our one-bedroom flat in London, we almost didn’t even know the business model we wanted to have. Well, to be honest, we probably didn’t even know what a business model is.

Making your business work is not only about posting on social media or having a decent website. It comes from developing the right strategy for your business to communicate to your potential clients, and building a strong mindset that allows you to overcome any challenge you face.

Countless times, we have been turned down by low results even though we were doing everything we thought we were supposed to be doing.

How is it possible that we are following the theory, but it doesn’t work for us? So many times, we found ourselves discussing, smashing our brains, about what we were doing wrong and how to make things work.

Countless times we have failed. And yes, sometimes it also crossed our mind the idea of quitting.

It’s often easy to think that we can handle everything by ourselves and find a way to boost our business on our own, and that’s another mistake that we have learnt at our expense.

We started really moving forward with our business in terms of organisation, connections, and sales when we decided that we needed a guide – when basically we understood that there is no shame in asking for help from someone that has been there already and managed to succeed.

Sometimes it’s scary, we know. There are so many people out there that promise you incredible and quick results without, however, delivering them.

Who to trust then?

We believe that transparency is the key here. Too easy to put a couple of pictures next to a fancy car or on a private jet. That doesn’t prove anything!

These are just a few examples of results that our clients achieved developing the right skill sets

What You Will Learn

Growing your business and leading it to long-term success doesn’t come by accident. If you follow shortcuts, it will be very hard for you to reach those results – if not impossible.

Whether you have reached success already, or you are just at the beginning of this process, if you want to grow your business, you need to follow the right strategies – adapting to new situations and taking advantage of new opportunities – & constantly work on becoming a better version of Yourself able to handle every situation.

This is why the UT Academy is divided in 2 areas:

Marketing Development

Marketing + Psychology

✅ To create powerful high-converting strategies to market your business

✅ To get to know your audience so deep that it will be impossible for them not to notice your business

✅ To make the right emotional impact to lead your ideal clients through your sales funnel

Personal Growth


✅ To level up to the best version of yourself able to handle any situation

✅ To overcome your limiting thoughts and beliefs and make your work more effective

✅ To keep up your motivation and productivity, even when it feels it’s too hard for you

From Our Methodology – The Ultimate Triumph System

Purchasing is mainly emotional, and everyone buys most likely something that unconsciously they feel able to please their emotions.

Learn with the UT Academy

You are more than capable to lead your business to success, but that’s not going to happen by accident. You need a clear vision of the goals you want to achieve, and the whole skillset to get there.


Hi, my name is Maria, Co-Founder of the UT Academy & Serendipity Marketing.

I am an expert in Marketing with more than 10 years’ experience in business. Alongside my business partner, Stefano, we have created a methodology, the Ultimate Triumph System (UTS), that, thanks to the mix of marketing strategies and psychology science, allowed us to grow our businesses to be international and help small and medium businesses all over the world in 3 different languages. All starting from scratch, FROM ZERO, and in less than 1 year.

I am going to teach you how to run effective marketing and how to add psychology to empower your communication and get quicker and long-lasting results.

The mission I have with The UT Academy is to give a large number of small businesses and entrepreneurs easy access to efficient marketing, able to quickly grow their visibility and sales.

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Hi, I am Stefano, Co-Founder of the UT Academy & Serendipity Marketing.

I am an expert in Psychology and Mindset, and I have large experience in business. As Co-Creator of the Ultimate Triumph System (UTS), I have added those components of psychology principles to empower your marketing strategy, and Mindset techniques to grow personally and unlock your full potential.

We use our methodology/the UTS daily, and this allows us to generate monthly revenue increment for our clients and us. And now I aim to show you all the secrets that will allow you to reach the same results!

With the UT Academy, I have the goal to help a large number of entrepreneurs to empower themselves and their communication skills, leading their business to constant growth.

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